Stephan Schill first learned the profession of an electrician before he discovered his love for music and acting. At the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy in Leipzig he completed a musical education and graduated with a teaching diploma.

Numerous theatre engagements in productions such as “Buddy Holly”, “Mann von La Mancha”, “Piaf”, “Jedermann” or “Wir sind mal kurz weg” took him to Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Munich and Vienna.
On TV he could be seen in “Soko Leipzig”, “Rote Rosen” or “Herzflimmern” and the cinema movie „Härte“.

From actor to coach

Since 2007 Stephan Schill worked also as trainer and coach in business in the fields of presence, rhetoric and nonverbal communication and he is currently speaker in the fields learning strategies, learning motivation in schools and educational establishment.

In coaching he focused on the perception and awareness of one’s own posture, facial expressions, gestures and language, which are the starting point for a professional appearance and presentation.


Since 2018 Stephan Schill belongs to the team of ACTINGBUSINESS®. He shows our customers and clients how they can increase their personal expressiveness with body language, voice, gestures and facial expressions, using methods from the actor’s handcrafted case. In our workshops and individual coachings he proves again and again that people from the non-artistic field can also use these means of expression in a targeted and appropriate way. And not only in lectures and presentations, but also in negotiations and discussions with employees, body language signals can strengthen one’s own position or have a de-escalating effect in delicate situations.