„I will take to heart, that you are best when you have fun yourself – and not when you want to be perfect ;-)“

Karen Heinemann: Sales Management, Deutsche Post AG


„Storytelling: I really enjoyed learning to tell stories from different perspectives and triggering different emotions. Thank you so much for your time and appreciative handling and your power!!“

Annkristin Eicke: freie Moderatorin, Design Thinking Trainer und Projekt Managerin


„Because of the workshops I realized, how precious it is to talk about successes, working methods, behavior in communication situations, conversation skills and storytelling. Overall for me the workshop was – and is! – very helpful/important/inspiring/motivating. The things I learned and experienced still linger… 🙂 Thank you so much!“

Anya Weimann, Marketing / Social Media bei Librileo e.V.


„Very inspiring, motivating, ressource strengthening while not being lecture style!! I really liked the workshop.“

Anna Benova, Kooperationen / Engagement bei Librileo e.V.


“Highly recommended”

Daniela Kreißig, caado events, Dresden


“It was a great workshop. The only way to truly grasp the effect of working with actors is to be a part of it. I tried out things that I never would have dared to. Martin Selle was an amazing improvisation trainer! All in all: just magnificent.”

Kerstin Rose, Medienservice, Hamburg