„I really enjoyed learning to tell stories from different perspectives and triggering different emotions. Thank you so much for your time and appreciative handling and your power!!“

Annkristin Eicke, freie Moderatorin und Netzwerkmanagerin bei Librileo e.V.


„Because of the workshops I realized, how precious it is to talk about successes, working methods, behavior in communication situations, conversation skills and storytelling. Overall for me the workshop was – and is! – very helpful/important/inspiring/motivating. The things I learned and experienced still linger… 🙂 Thank you so much!“

Anya Weimann, Marketing / Social Media bei Librileo e.V.


„Very inspiring, motivating, ressource strengthening while not being lecture style!! I really liked the workshop.“

Anna Benova, Kooperationen / Engagement bei Librileo e.V.


“Highly recommended”

Daniela Kreißig, caado events, Dresden


“It was a great workshop. The only way to truly grasp the effect of working with actors is to be a part of it. I tried out things that I never would have dared to. Martin Selle was an amazing improvisation trainer! All in all: just magnificent.”

Kerstin Rose, Medienservice, Hamburg