You want a change, a cultural shift in your corporation? You’re planning to roll out new leadership guidelines? You want to develop teams, emotionally inspire your employees and give a breath of fresh air to your corporate culture?

Then let us guide you, your leaders and your employees while you set the scene for your future!

You define your goals and we work with you to conceptualize a rousing start to your change process.

As experts when it comes to riveting sentiments and heart touching responses, our actors, acting coaches, theater directors and drama­turges approach the written word from a different vantage point than a reader would. They breathe energy into words and bring the imagined to life. They make the future present and give you a glimpse of how things could be.

We go one step further: together we create a script based on your concept, which is written, staged and performed with you. We conceptualize a 3-day large-scale event with you and your employees as the actors! The topic is set (e.g. ‘cultural shift’ or ‘new leadership guidelines’), but the actions and responses are determined by the performers.

While brainstorming, selecting scenarios, developing the dialogue together, during dress rehearsal, and finally during the live or filmed performances your employees and managers will shape and execute what was up until that point merely on paper.

Out of this cooperation will arise an animated and lively corporate culture. And ‘apropos of nothing’ you’ll get a film of the entire process with you and your employees in the leading roles: team initiated and achieved cultural shift!