Physical theatre


Having grown up in the former East Germany, Patricia fulfilled her long-cherished dream of going to London after the Wall came down and stayed there for ten years. She completed a BA in Drama and Theatre Arts at Goldsmiths College and studied Acting at Drama Studio London. She performed at various theatres, went on national and international tours with multicultural theatre companies like Theatre Mélange and gathered first experiences in various film projects.


She returned to Berlin at the turn of the millennium. Berlin is increasingly becoming a magnet for the international film industry, and Patricia’s German-English bilinguality is working to her advantage. Throughout her career, now spanning more than 20 years, Patricia has taken on a wide range of roles covering the most varying genres – from classical Shakespeare to physical theatre and improvisation. She has also got experiences in immersive theatre – a direct exchange between performer and audience that blurs the lines between fiction and reality – such as the live-cinema event “Cinemania: Good Bye, Lenin!” that took place in Berlin in May 2017.


As a sparring partner for Acting Business, Patricia is able to apply her versatility and improvisation skills as well as her joy of playing, and in turn encourage clients to explore themselves in a playful way and to enter unknown territory or situations. Based on her extensive experience in working with the body, she easily connects to the physical means of expression that are not only helpful for “stage” presence but also a great tool to gain more confidence and variety in expressing oneself.