Our coaching and workshop sessions are custom-designed to develop your personal qualities and unleash all the potential within your organization.

Using your resources, we concentrate on ‘what works’ and invite you to consider how your personal performance can enhance your impact and – in the truest sense of the word – ‘playfully’ develop it.

Our concept blends our experience as corporate coaches and advisers and the interdisciplinary competency of our team with empathy, passion and respect for the individual.



We offer creative leeway. You will work through familiar situations in an unfamiliar context testing out new possibilities for responses and reactions. Alternating between response and reflex you will be able to determine your behavioral patterns.

Actors support you in the process as sensitive sparring partners. They create tangible situations reflecting your behavior.

Trusted acting methods and thought out management coaching structures serve as the framework for their responses – physical, mental and emotional.



In our ACTINGBUSINESS Coaching we uncover your many unique talents and unfold the wide range of your communication skills.

We concentrate on creating business and management scenarios to bring about optimal results that you can immediately implement in professional situations.

The result is a newfound way of responding to others using creative and powerful approaches and more enjoyment when communicating.