Communication is more than talking

Without physical expression your arguments will fall on deaf ears! That is why acting coaches use staged scenes and exercises to reduce verbal language to bodily messages and promote authentic responses and open-mindedness when communicating with others. When you remain aware of your physical and emotional messages, you will communicate successfully.

Actors will challenge you, serving as sparring partners who mirror you and reflect your behavioral patterns allowing you to see whether your remarks and your body language correspond to each other and whether or not you are convincing and exciting to your audience.

You will experience how easy it is to communicate clearly and consistently. Gain confidence by testing out the techniques – in front of the camera and under the guidance of acting and management coaches.

The result: a deeper understanding of your range of expressive possibilities and the successful effects of conscious communication.

Your time invested:
2-hour preliminary consultation,
3 one-day coaching units over 4 months
Evaluation consultation following the conclusion of the process.


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