Nothing is as captivating as an exciting story complete with climaxes and surprises.

Are you professionally competent, but inhibited in front of an audience? Do your presentations lack oomph? With theatrical levity, a good sense for tension and coherent dramatic composition we give you the tools you need to turn your presentation into an exciting story.

You will benefit from straightforward feedback and develop an instinct for what works on the stage and why.

You will learn how to give your presentation a purposeful structure, how to utilize your stage fright and how to convincingly interact with your audience.

You will be guided by an experienced acting coach who will convey the basics of performance art, an actor who will serve as a motivational training partner and a management trainer who will ensure transference.

Guidelines for implementing what you have learned in your professional environment and a DVD with the results of your work ensure sustained success.

The result: more enjoyment with your presentations and a mesmerized audience.

Your time invested:
2-hour preliminary consultation,
3 one-day coaching units over 4 months
Evaluation consultation following the conclusion of the process. 

Additional coaching offers:


Coaching Leadership


Coaching Communication