Your personality is in demand

Situational and dynamic, balancing action and analysis, your work with one of our acting coaches will enable you to more consciously experience and optimize your leadership behavior. You will discover new and forgotten facets of your personality, look at your habits from another perspective and expand your creative communication patterns.

We develop an individualized concept closely aligned with your development objectives and your company’s strategy.

Experienced management trainers accompany you through the process ensuring that your progress remains relevant to your professional goals. We help you maintain your success with DVD recordings and result-oriented planning of your individual steps and the coaching process over a period of several works.

The result: your extended range of responses and reactions will lend your managerial personality a new level of authority ensuring your professional competitive edge.

Your time invested:
2-hour preliminary consultation,
3 one-day coaching units over 4 months
Evaluation consultation following the conclusion of the process.


Additional coaching offers:


Coaching Presentation


Coaching Communication