Dubbing director

Language trainer


After completing his 3-year training as a stage actor in 2005, Florian Hoffmann went on tour Germany-wide with Studio Landgraf as a “big bopper” with the musical “Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story”. Thereafter came various performances at theaters in Hessia and Bavaria, like TAP in Darmstadt where he mainly acted in comedic roles and children’s and youth theaters.

His interest in technology inspired him to complete a course of study in “digital media” from 2009-2012 at the Hochschule Darmstadt and the Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland.

Actor and speaker

While still completing his training, he discovered a passion for language. Nowaydays you can hear him dubbing for various roles in films and series, computer games, voiceover and advertising.

Experience as a director and a dubbing coach polish of his profile as an enthusiastic professional speaker.

Acting Business

Florian Hoffmann regularly slips into diverse roles as a driving partner for Acting Business. With his talent for comedy and his acting prowess he can come across as a tough as nails boss one minute and then surprise you the next as a timid failure or a chaotic creative mind.

By presenting his clients with as many challenges as possible, he aims to draw out the sides of themselves they never may have imagined.