Pitch with Purpose


This Workshop will take place in English and German.


Paula Redlefsen
When you are doing a pitch you want to persuade the audience effectively of two things: WHAT you’re pitching is great. And -maybe even more important- YOU’re the right person for it.

In the film industry pitching is an art form in itself. Every new project has to pass through this tiny window in peoples attention if it wants to advance towards funding, towards realization.

There are proven guidelines what information to put into a pitch -and what not. One major aspect is how to present yourself as a professional. This proves hard even for highly skilled workers. But a good pitch is crucial in business as well!

Because your pitch needs to be successful in front of your boss, your clients, or a board, we offer the tried and tested techniques of the entertainment industry.

Implementing those, we will create the foundation for a secure pitch with you, in order to make a lasting impression with your cause, your idea, your project.

If you only want to practice the aspect of introducing yourself with ease and confidence, this workshop is right for you too!



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